bdo trading desert bonus

Although you can make a fortune by trading goods, the time consumption of travelling across the desert just to receive the buff, and the amount of energy you need to spend for conversations almost offsets the benefit of the buff.
The procedure goes as follows: The recommended route is from Velia to Heidel.
Receive the quest Conspiracy of the Lavania League from the unconscious man.
Okay so I've been doing some testing today on my Master 2 trader today with 100 Calpheon Crates recording results.The procedure of increasing trading level.The required materials and time needed to produce a single Calpheon timber crate.Here, more Trade Distance More Silver.Approach the unconscious man over the dune, and receive the quest What a Desert Sufferer Needs 3-1.

Questline from Atui Balacs at Sand Grain Bazaar.
This is the reason why it is not as efficient to use the desert buff when you are trading a small amount of goods.
There is a slight difference in the conditions and effects of the buff depending on where you receive.
For example, the Heidel Cocktail Dress from the Heidel trader is a general trade good that costs 16,552 silver.
Marzana (left Ibellab Oasis, requires 50 energies, 50 price bonus of general trade goods.Others, wagon: Noble Wagon is the best (biggest inventory, reasonably fast).In addition, it would also be efficient to utilize the desert trade buff by importing trade goods from the places across the sea like Port Ratt, or expensive fish from ocean fishing as the amount of silver used in the transactions is quite massive.Talk to Marzana online casino ipad 0 01 at Ibellab Oasis, and end the questline.Unlike that the price of general trade goods, which fluctuates between 70 and 130, Imperial Delivery goods is fixed at 250 no matter what, so you can make a big fortune with this mark even if you sell the same trade goods.From the questline To the Wild Desert!If you decide to use anyhow, drive the wagon across the forest in order to make the distance as short as possible.Prepare in advance to maximize the trade and life skills EXP.You can receive the buff from the conversation with Marzana at Ibellab Oasis with 50 energy.Houses, as you can get lodgings for 7 workers there for only 4 contribution points.When I took the same crate to Valencia at 99 distance bonus (Trent to Valencia) and 130 trade price I was also only getting 172,851 per crate using the same Ibellab Oasis buff.The duration of Elixir of Time is short.

Talk to Olivino Grolin, and receive the quest To the Wild Desert!
The To the Wild Desert!
If player buys an item in Ibellab Oasis and sells it in another area where Desert Trade Buff is applicable.