You can request deutschland lotterie steuer impressions, clicks, spend, and average cost per click for each.
Description, adExtensionByAdReportRequest, use this report to compare how well different versions of your ad extensions are performing with each.
The number of visits recorded by Search Ads 360 for each query, and the Floodlight conversion data associated with each query such as total revenue, number of actions, and.
Once downloaded, this data can be sorted by product category, custom label, title, and type.Ad Extensions, ad extension reports give you a closer look at how each ad extension is performing based on click type for ads and keywords and ad extension properties for ad groups.Engine metrics are not available for the search terms report in casino jackpot 42 million Bing Ads, Yahoo!The search query report now includes stop words (Ex.For example, you can get allroundmarin poker 430 grün the performance data broken out at the keyword level, which is the lowest level of aggregation for a search campaign; or you get the performance data rolled up to the account level, which is the highest level of aggregation.You can request impressions, clicks, spend, and average cost per click for each ad group, organized by city, country, metro area (Nielsen DMA in the United States radius, state, and account.Once downloaded, this data can be sorted by account, ad group, campaign, keyword, and device type.How fresh is the data?Use this report to understand which campaigns and keywords are leading an audience to complete a purchase or other conversion action.You can request your monthly budget, how much you have spent to date, and whether you are on target to spend your monthly budget.Enter the other details and download the report.

For example, you can use this report to determine the step that users leave the conversion funnel, so that you can improve or remove that step to increase the chance that the user will continue to the next step.
Targeting You can use the targeting reports to determine whether your ads are reaching their intended audiences.
Once downloaded, this data can be sorted by ad ID, ad title, ad extension type, and ad extension version.ShareOfVoiceReportRequest Use this report to view impression share of successful bids for each keyword, and identify opportunities to increase impression share.So, keep yourself glued to our blog.Improve the product descriptions in your inventory feed.If you segment the report by keyword, you'll only see search terms that matched keywords.Lets simplify this with an example.You can request impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and average position for the DSA categories that have triggered your ads.Step 1: Go to reports and then click on Search Term on the left bar.Use this report to get insight into what your audience is searching for when your ads are shown as well as ensure that your product titles are relevant to search queries.Google Ads provides updates to the search terms once a day, and Search Ads 360 updates its report as soon as Google Ads does.Once downloaded, this data can be sorted by ad ID, ad status, ad title, display URL, and destination URL.You can request impression rate and click-through-rate for each campaign or ad group, organized by gender and age group.Use this report to identify landing pages that met audience expectations and potentially resulted in high click-through or conversion rates.