To better help us do that, today we are launching the.
Microsoft Advertising app for Android and iOS devices, you can view performance data, edit budgets and change bids all while youre away from pci slotblende schwarz your desktop.
Whether you have a billing question, want to improve campaign performance, or need help adding Sitelink Extensions to get more clicks, Bing Ads is ready to help all day, every day.Sign up for our NEW daily brief, your #1 source for need-to-know search marketing news.We respect your privacy.Over the past few weeks, weve shared numerous updates, including.Our 24/7 support center is packed with powerful advice from Microsoft Advertising experts designed to help you optimize your campaigns and increase revenue.And most importantly, how can you most effectively reach these consumers using search advertising and Bing Ads?It also removed 900 million ads and 300,000 sites from the Bing Ads platform, according to its annual report on ad quality.The Bing announcement about banning third-party tech support ads comes on the heels of Googles news earlier this week that it was banning ads for payday and high-interest loans.

But offering product improvements isnt all our advertisers need, sometimes they need a helping hand.
With the objective of getting consumers to call for support, a typical scam involves the call representative claiming to represent the tech company the consumer wants support from and then convinces the caller that his computer is infected with malware, scaring him into paying exorbitant fees to fix.
Running a small business presents unique challenges.
Research the best geographic areas to target ads by location with data on average click costs and performance trends by state and industry based on real Microsoft Search shaka poke restaurant paris Network traffic.Get started with a Microsoft Advertising coach today.Get help with Microsoft Advertising.Find the best time of day, day of the week and device to get your ads seen on the Microsoft Search Network.Well arm you with all information needed to successfully take advantage of these opportunities.This year, Bing Ads highlighted the scam of redirecting users from innocent looking ads to fake support pages that show pop ups with messages such as virus detected in your computer or your computer has been locked.For our agency customers, the Industry Insights Portal provides a one-stop shop to support your business, with industry-targeted sales and client engagement opportunities.We compile industry trends data to help you reach your customers.

Starting today, we will provide live chat support in English for customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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