Credit to Google Chrome Security Team (SkyLined) and independent later discovery by wushi of team509 reported through iDefense VCP (V-874rcfpq7z).
Other tabs are unaffected.
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Known Issues Print Preview is not working.
Medium CVE : Out-of-bounds read in npapi string handling.Credit to Micha Bartholomé.(Issue: 6442) - r23754, r23937 Prevent time/slider from jumping around during and after seeking in video and audio tag content.# Windows - Fixed a bug causing Chrome shortcuts to stop working on Windows 8 after an update.(Issue: 8854) * Aligning text to the right, especially RTL languages.Download Mon, 05:09:45 0000 m/windows/google-chrome beta m/windows/google-chrome This build contains bug fixes lotto & schreibwaren graf mettmann Download Mon, 05:09:41 0000 m/windows/google-chrome m/windows/google-chrome-1-31 Download Fri, 00:00:00 0000 m/windows/google-chrome-1-31 m/windows/google-chrome This build fixes a problem with an item in Node:attributes disappearing Download Thu, 00:00:00 0000 m/windows/google-chrome m/windows/google-chrome Download Thu, 00:00:00 0000.

High CVE : Double free in libxml XPath handling.
Download Mon, 13:16:50 0000 m/windows/google-chrome m/windows/google-chrome bit.
High Memory lotto 13 8 18 corruption in rendering code.
Credit: This issue was found by Mozilla Security.Download Sun, 22:43:03 0000 m/windows/google-chrome beta m/windows/google-chrome beta # All * r33602 Delete old version directories of installed extensions during garbage collection.Fixed memory leak in Chrome Windows.Download Mon, 05:25:37 0000 m/windows/google-chrome dev-1 m/windows/google-chrome After deleting bookmarks on the Bookmark managers, the bookmark bar doesn't display properly with existing bookmarks.Download Sun, 22:42:01 0000 m/windows/google-chrome beta m/windows/google-chrome beta # All * Form autofill enabled by default for new profiles.(Issue 4938) * The 'Print selection' option on the Print dialog works on Windows.Windows 8: Fixed pin / unpin status if the user cancels an action or pins / unpins from start screen.Download Mon, 05:24:50 0000 m/windows/google-chrome dev-1 m/windows/google-chrome beta-1 This release contains an updated version of Adobe Flash.