They need two hands.
Essentially, our tubes have thinner walls, while other sellers have thicker walls that are heavier, but their milder steel is not stronger.
And your fireplace is a very extreme environment. .
You can stand safely back from the fire.Handmade, precision fit metal is expertly plasma welded for uncompromising strength.Is a special high-temperature epoxy enamel coating.The welding method is Plasma Welding with a TIG torch giving you the strongest bond possible.Steel and Brass, dimensions, l 38 x.7 x.4 inches.You want a good back to carry the firewood.

Thats what makes our fireplace blow pokes lighter, stronger, easier to handle, and more useful.
This is our Original Black Blow Poke 41 that we offered when launched Vineyard Firetools.
Floor-Level Fireplaces that are not too deep.
Strong and lightweight US made alloy steel for exceptional handling and very long life.And it is too short or too long every time you use.So its harder to see where he best place is to blow air that really feeds the fire.If your fire poker is too heavy, you have to use two hands.Further information about our cookie policy can be found here: Learn more.Easy handling Lighter than other blow pokes.This black blow poke 41 fireplace tool is made to work all day, every day, all winter, for decades of better fires and a whole lot of fun.Free Hanger Kit included.Most homes have Average Sized fireplaces.Together all the designed improvements add up giving you a Long Black Blowpoke that works better.Our Original Blow Poke 41 (L) is our Best Selling size.Better Combustion Stronger Steel Lift and Move 50 Pound Logs.Manufacturing is a big word that brings images of a big factory to mind.