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May 11, 1971, Budapest, Hungary interior minister of Hungary (1944-45).
Germany, empire, medallet, ND (c.
Roger's 10TH A AVE tokyo / seeburg japan NOT redeemable FOR cash, brass, 21mm, C-JP5120a spots,.
Germany, zweibrucken, iron, 18mm, U2-2.Engen, Hans (Kristian) (b.Germany, frankenthal, unrise early version of DDR symbol iron, 21mm, U2-11 trace rust, cleaned VF rust,.23, 1972, Bissau, Portuguese Guinea now Guinea-Bissau prime minister of Guinea-Bissau (2016-18).In the 2009 presidential election he was defeated by Tsakhiagiyn Elbegdorj.June 20, 1889, Nieuw Beerta, Groningen, Netherlands -.He was barred from political leadership until 2003.

1917, lauer FK NBG., silber 890 incuse on edge, silver, 33mm, 14g, with old.
France, medallet, ND bust L, williams DE londres / hommag'industrie science ET progres around empty circle, bronze, 24mm,.
July 14, 1980 governor of Guam (1953-56).
Those laws were changed in 1998, and in April the Democratic Union Coalition, of which the NDP was the largest party, decided that the head of its majority party should be prime minister.
Germany, NÜrnberg, Nürnberg-Fürth streetcar, 20 pfennig ND, burg octagonal, aluminum, 24mm, U4-1.He was also minister to Honduras (1934-37 Mexico (1937-44 and Cuba (1940-44) and ambassador to Mexico (1946-50 Spain (1951-60 and the Vatican (1952-60).1936 foreign minister of Peru (1925-26).27, 1981, The Hague, Netherlands finance minister (1952-55) and prime minister (1958-63) of Suriname.29, 1950, India governor of Blekinge (2008-11).

Somerville, copper-nickel, 18mm,.42g, plain edge, small corrosion spot,.
July 24, 1934, Vacaresti, Dâmbovita county, Romania a deputy prime minister of Romania (1983-84).
Germany, deggendorf, 1 pfennig ND, octagonal, iron, 16mm, U1-4 aXF.