Introduction, this program tells you what kind of poker hand you have in a Texas Holdem game, given the 7 cards you are allowed to use.
CheckCard(int card) returns the face value of a card in a string (e.g.
And keep the best hand.The functions in this program are: int main void checkPokerHand(int hand, int card1, int card2 string checkCard(int card string checkSuit(int card void sort(int a main Asks for the card and displays the best hand.Another solution would be to simply reuse one of the existing evaluator out there (which, in addition to be tried and tested, shall be really fast: it's only bit manipulation and lookup tables, no slow OO).Here's one way you could do it (once again: this is an over-simplification compared to real fast evaluators but it should help you get the job done final boolean isFlush flush final int nbPerRank findNumberForEachRank final boolean isStraight straight( nbPerRank Where the nbPerRank array for.Two Pair: high pair hand2 0, high card, two Pair: low pair hand3 0, second highest card in hand hand4 0, third highest card in hand hand5 0, fourth highest card in hand hand6 0 Lowest card in hand hand7 card1 Lowest card hand8 card2.Sort hand by rank : smallest suit card first.If ( hasFourSameRank ) " You have four of a kind else if ( hasThreeSameRank hasTwoSameRank ) " You have a full house else if ( isFlush ) " You have a flush else if ( hasThreeSameRank ) " You have a set else.Their are many comments explaining what each part of the code does.You'll then have to find a way to assign a value (hence the "evaluator" name) for each hand, so that "two pairs, eights and deuces, kicker jack" beats "two pairs, eights and deuces, kicker nine" etc.Then your main method shall look a bit like this: if ( isStraight ) final int highCard findStraightHighCard if ( isFlush ) if ( highCard 13 ) / starting with the 'A' intln( "You have a royal flush" else if ( highCard 4 ).So by now you already have taken the straight flush and the straight into account, you now need to check, in order, for : four of a kind full house / boat flush (but das kartenspiel lied youtube not straight flush anymore) set two pairs one pair, to check.

So on to your five-cards evaluator.
I take it you want a five cards evaluator and then if you play, say, Texas Hold'em then you're going to test the C(7,5 which gives 21, possible ways to take 5 cards out of seven (5 on the board 2 holecards).
The fast hand evaluators out there can guts casino bonus code 2017 evaluate hundreds of millions (!) of hands.
CheckHand takes in an array of integers with size.
2 returns "2" - 14 returns "A checkSuit(int card) returns the suit of a card in a string (e.g.Just plain fast bit manipulation and crazy, crazy fast table lookups.I wrote it like that to make the function easier to read.Value among hi, hi1,., hn / min_j i; / Assume elem i (hi) is the minimum for ( j i1 ;.length ; j ) if (.Using the code, i made the code as easy to read as possible.But let's leave beste online casino mit bonus that aside and start from your OOish code.Card help hi; hi hmin_j; hmin_j help;.1 returns "Hearts 2 returns "Clubs 3 returns "Diamonds 4 returns "Spades History Version.0 Checks for the best poker hand when given 7 cards).You can go "fancier" and instead of returning simply an int containing the number of each card per rank you can also return the max card, the max number of similar rank, etc.Card 2 is the lowest of your two cards.Some of the code in the function checkHand is redundant.But this should get you started.(Finding a flush is eaiser that way) / public static void sortByRank( Card h ) int i, j, min_j; / The selection sort algorithm / for ( i 0 ;.length ; i ) / Find array element with min.

Background, i was trying to create a program that would check the win percentage in a Texas Holdem game, and the hardest part was finding code to check what type of poker hand you have.
Typically the kind of code you'll find in the known (and very fast) poker evaluators are much lower-level than that: no fancy OO or anything like that.