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The name, sorteo de Navidad was used for the lotto am mittwoch spielen first time in 1892.
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Many organizations buy fractions (a one tenth ticket) and divide them further into fractions of fractions and sell them to the public, colleagues or members of an association.Hay muchos números que la gente busca por toda España y aquí podrás encontrar dónde está, para hacer más sencilla tu búsqueda.ANA BELÉN ROY, siete momentos históricos del sorteo, la Lotería de Navidad y los famosos.Arte de bolsillo en cada décimo de la Lotería.

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13 In 2010, 414 million from the first prize were sold in Barcelona, and the rest of the 585 million of El Gordo was distributed between Madrid, Tenerife, Alicante, Palencia, Zaragoza, Cáceres, and Guipúzcoa.
When a major prize is drawn, both children pause, sing the prize and ticket number multiple times and show the balls to a committee, and then to a fixed camera with two Phillips screwdriver heads mounted at the front, all before being inserted into.
Ciencia, historia, viajar, play, summum, tecnología, salud.The rest of the weekly and extraordinary draws during the year use five spherical cages with ten balls each (numbered 0 to 9 from where bingo zahlen statistik the five digits of the winning numbers are drawn.It is known as a décimo in Spanish (one tenth).Due to the sheer number of prizes, this procedure takes many hours.Quantity Prize Description Total 1 4,000,000 El Gordo (First Prize) 4,000,000 1 1,250,000 Second Prize 1,250,000 1 500,000 Third Prize 500,000 2 200,000 Fourth Prizes 400,000 8 60,000 Fifth Prizes 480,000 1,794 1,000 La Pedrea 1,794,000 2 20,000 First Prize approximations * 40,000 2 12,500.Locations where previous grand prize winners were sold (El Gordo) often becomes a location of lottery pilgrimage where thousands of people (both local and from far away) will queue and buy their ticket at this location "for luck".Porque estamos a su servicio para ayudarle en lo que nos pida.Frequently a shop will sell a ticket number in all series meaning all the winners of that ticket will have purchased their tickets in that location.El segundo,.015, cae en Almansa, Albacete, Castellbisbal y Pedreguer."Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad - Distribución de Premios".Although the drawing is by chance, the children who draw the higher prizes are applauded.Retrieved December 22, 2009.

In 2017, with 165 million pre-printed 20 tickets to sell ( décimos the maximum total amount available for all prizes would.31 billion (70 of ticket sales).
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El segundo premio de la Lotera de Navidad,.015, riega de millones Almansa, ir a 'El segundo premio de la Lotera de Navidad,.015, riega de millones Almansa'.