Neck and nose idioms, eakchai Olarikded from, thailand writes: I don't understand this idiom: the neck of the woods, i looked it up in the Oxford Dictionary of Current Idiomatic English and still am not clear about its meaning.
Husband : Don't go poking your nose into something that is none of your business.
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Believes that the court had no reason to poke lego marvel superheroes bonus level the brick apple its nose into the private life of an individual.
Nose idioms include the following:.Now that you're finally out of prison, just try to keep your nose clean.It sounded like they were arguing about money.I didn't echtgeld bonus ohne einzahlung casino expect to see you here, Charles.

Nobody has the right to poke their nose into my personal page.
14) They poke their nose into other people's businesses only to cause problems and then fight.
Break your neck.
Get up someone's nose.
His only topic of conversation is fast cars.I offered him a share in the business, but he just turned up his nose.Neck and neck.If you want to revise these, look them up under the confusing words and expressions part of the archive.So will you get a holiday euro lotto spanien this year?12) Strangers would poke their nose into your affair the moment your wife opens up the tiniest bit.And suggested that the group should focus on itself and not poke its nose into other countries or matters beyond its remit.Be up to your neck - be exceptionally busy or deeply involved in something.He's a real pain in the neck.No humans concentrate on their own problem or situation or any sort of work he/she has in his/her hands.Pay through the nose - pay too high a price for something.18) It's one thing to be an over concerned cricket enthusiast, and another to poke your nose into a domain, which is none of your concern.You will just embarrass her if you start asking about her troubles.Keep your nose clean.

Neck idioms include the following:.
There is never any racial tension in our neck of the woods.