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There were 13,855 Swiss women (36.4) and 5,636 (14.8) non-Swiss women.
These libraries include; the BCU Fribourg, the Deutsche Bibliothek Fribourg, the Bibliothèque de la Ville, the Haute école de santé Fribourg and the Ecole dingénieurs et darchitectes (EIA-FR).
15 There were 17,207 residents of the municipality who were employed in some capacity, of which females made.1 of the workforce.
The population of the agglomeration around Fribourg is 110,000, or, counting only the most nearby suburbs, 75,000(2015).
Of the agricultural land,.9 is used for growing crops and.0 is pastures.The improved transportation enabled Fribourg to undergo industrialisation.Power and water infrastructure as well as other special developed areas made.6 of the area while parks, green belts and sports fields made.5.3 Middle Ages edit Fribourg Tour de Bourguillon The town was founded in 1157 by Berthold IV, Duke of Zähringen.Retrieved 18 December 2017.The protections are especially well preserved east and south of the city.1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 1, Agassiz, Jean Louis Rodolphe retrieved 24 November 2018 Catholic Encyclopedia (1913 Volume 2, John Bapst retrieved 24 November 2018 IMDb Database retrieved 24 November 2018 UFC profile accessed External links edit).University of Fribourg University of Applied Science Fribourg : offers applied tertiary education in technical and management disciplines.Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard Johann Jakob Hess (1866-1949) a Swiss Egyptologist and Assyriologist Wilhelm Schmidt SVD (18681954 in Fribourg) an Austrian linguist, anthropologist and ethnologist Oswald Pilloud ( in Fribourg) a Swiss painter and illustrator Jean-Edouard de Castella ( in Fribourg) a Swiss.Fribourg, Switzerland: Secrétariat du Conseil général.In the cathedral, a treasure chamber has been on display since 1992.

After Lake scarica gioco poker gratis italiano Pérolles was built in 1872, energy was able to be supplied to the plateau south and west of the city.
The access points of Fribourg-Sud and Fribourg-North are each about 3 km from the city centre.
24 During the 2010-11 school year, there were a total of 14,170 students attending 974 classes in Fribourg.Geography edit View of Fribourg Topography edit Fribourg has an elevation of 581 metres (1,906 ft) (in the Old City and is situated 28 kilometres (17 mi) southwest of Bern.Following the lower Secondary students may attend a three or four-year optional upper Secondary school.The upper station is located at the sewage plant which pumps sewage water into the descending car, which makes it heavier than the ascending car.Many of these work in government administrative positions.