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Swiss Lotto, switzerland is among the wealthiest states in the globe: however, the Swiss people also dream about becoming instant millionaires!
That jackpot broke the previous record of CHF48.6 million set in August 2014.
Remember that there are no taxation regulations for lottery in Switzerland.
The second biggest jackpot.8 mln francs was provided on The winning figures for the lottery were 31, 34, 16, 20, 41, 43 while the bonus number was.
In 2013, shell lotto inc during summer, the last format change was declared and at this time the game acquired its present matrix.Players needed to select six digits from a star games casino free youtube pool.Aktuelle Lottozahlen und"n der letzten 14 Ziehungen.By 2009, it had created 500 millionnaires and more from Switzerland and overseas.People who match each of the 6 Joker numbers can become winners of an extra prize of several million Swiss francs.Buy Swiss Lottery tickets online now for your chance of becoming a lottery millionaire!

How to Receive free Swiss Lotto Results.
In 1988 an extra Joker game was started.
A standard ticket bought in Switzerland costs.5 CHF.
If you have 5 correct main numbers and a correct bonus number you can win a prize of 10,000 CHF.
Nowadays you need to select 6 digits from a pool of 42 and an extra digit from a pool of 6 to get an opportunity of winning the jackpot.Match each of the 7 digits to become a jackpot winner of this lottery.Any sum of even 1,000 CHF which you have won for Swiss Lotto shall be paid straight to your players account.A jackpot subscription is available also.Lottozahlen-Häufigkeit der letzten 14 Ziehungen, wie oft wurden die 42 Lottozahlen bei den letzten 14 Ziehungen (7 Wochen) gezogen?Unmittelbar nach jeder Lotto-Ziehung finden Sie hier aktuelle Gewinnzahlen, Gewin"n und Statistiken für Swiss Lotto und Joker.This lottery draws every Wednesday and Saturday, and players can win by selecting six main numbers from a 1-42 range and an additional number from a 1-6 range.

Switzerland - Lotto Next Draw Online.
You should be at least 18 years old to qualify to buy a ticket to play one of the lotto games in Switzerland, such as Swiss Lotto.
The Joker is currently available, and players have a chance to win prizes that are even higher.