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Paul Craig Roberts April 8, 2016.
In other words, these billionaire wealth gains are a form of der hobbit das kartenspiel anleitung parasitism based on exploitation and not on the production of real output.
«Where does Mega Millions money go after the jackpot?».
Anyone with a few millions more was considered richer than rich.
Billionaires, such as Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, and the Koch brothers, use their billionaire fortunes to control the US government in their interests.The takeovers produce riches for the takeover person from curtailing company pensions and using the companys cash to pay off the takeover loan.October 16, 2017 «Mega Millions».Second, the fund performed poorly for a couple of years, and when the crash of 1987 came, it lost 25 percent of its value.Why did I have to hire Sam to manage my money in the first place?In economics, fresh out of school.They got them through political connections and through purely financial transactions.Marx wrote before offshoring of jobs and the financialization of the economy.Classical economists, and Michael Hudson today, define these profits as economic rents, the income from which required no increase in real output to produce.What sort of credentials Sam did have that made him an investment advisor?

There is no reason for a person to have thousands of millions of dollars.
At the beginning, I was angry with Sam for not explaining to me all the costs and risks associated with investing in the Special Situations fund, as it was part of his job.
The rise of financial power in Russia and China has created private power centers in those countries that, like the ones in the US, are independent of the governments.
Cisco Systems (nasdaq :csco JDS Uniphase (nasdaq:jdsu Ciena Corporation (nasdaq:cien EMC, corporation (nyse:EMC and Lucent Technologiesnow Alcatel-Lucent (nyse:ALU) trading near triple digits back then and in the middle-teens or single-digits ten years later.I dont know whether I will be among the winners of tonights Mega Millions lotterythe chances are extremely low, but I do have a simple investment advise for the winner (s dont PAY someone TO lose YOU money!News National News ABC News».«Louisiana Lottery announces big changes to Mega Millions».But apparently voters wont, at least not in the.In fact, how did the Less-Than-One-Percent really get their thousands of millions?As it turned out, my decision to hire Sam to manage my little savings account was a disaster. .Before long, I did have those licenses myself, I fired Sam, and I began my own journey as an individual investor, discovering that my story was neither new nor unique.After all, I did have.Manipulation of initial public offerings are another source of riches as are securitized derivatives.Today there are people who have thousands of millions of dollars.On a Saturday morning in the winter of 1985, I was shopping at Mid-Island Plaza Mall.

A Republican Supreme Court has made this easier for them.
Oxfam, an international charity headquartered in Oxford, England, reports that 62 billionaires own half of the wealth in the world.
Mencken was correct, the vast majority of Americans are morons.