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Credit score Your credit score is a number that reflects the information in your credit report.
Bank cash advances, check cash advances and direct deposits are all cash advances.
Overdraft protection cash advance A type of overdraft protection that's assessed to your credit card account as a cash advance, if youve linked spielautomaten manipulieren strafe your credit card account to a deposit account that becomes overdrawn.Over limit fee A fee that is charged when an account balance exceeds the credit line available at any time during a billing cycle.Often, your credit line is determined by the amount you deposit into a collateral account.Dollars if the transaction is made or processed outside of the United States.Back to top O Online Banking A service that allows an account holder to obtain account information and manage certain banking transactions via personal computer or mobile device.Transaction history The portion of your credit card account statement that itemizes every action in your account during your statement billing cycle.

Protected balances When an interest rate change for new transactions is applied to your account, any existing balances of that type will be identified as protected balances on your statement.
Billing cycle The period of time (usually one month) between credit card account statements.
Custodial account An account created for the benefit of a minor (a person under the age of 18) with an adult as the account's custodian.Drone and the Parrot.Your PIN should always be kept confidential.Primary account holders can choose to add authorized users to an account.Learn more casino guide deutschland about Apple Pay » Learn more about Google Pay » Learn more about Samsung Pay » Learn more about Visa Checkout » Learn more about Masterpass » Direct deposit and check cash advances A transaction category that includes access checks or transferring funds.Active account, a bank account in which there are recent transactions.Overdraft protection A Bank of America service that allows you to link an eligible checking account to another account, such as a savings, eligible checking, credit card or line of credit, to help protect against returned items or overdrafts.Interest rate The price you pay for borrowing money with your credit card on transactions such as purchases and cash advances.An eBill arrives from a biller into your Bill Pay account service the same way a paper bill arrives from a biller into your mailbox.Annual (or monthly maintenance) fee.Generally, the higher your credit score, the more likely you are to be offered better credit terms.A fee that is charged either yearly or monthly for the use of your credit card if your account is open or if you maintain an account balance, whether or not you have active charging privileges.Foreign transaction fee A fee that may be assessed on a credit card account for foreign transactions.Standard APR The standard APR (annual percentage rate) comes into effect after the introductory period expires.

A machine that allows you access to financial transactions, such as withdrawals and deposits, in a public space.
Cash credit line The portion of your credit card account's total credit line that can be used for bank cash advances.