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Jacks and Knaves - (UK: BBC lido casino amsterdam 4 45-minute episodes; This show was the predecessor to the hit Z Cars.
Cannell/Universal 1 120-minute episode; 3 60-minute episodes; Oscar "Duke" Ramsey was a pugilist who quit as he grew old and tired, hoping to quietly operate the Chicago bar "Duke and Benny's Corner." But Benny was murdered, and Duke became a private detective to find his.
Juliet Bravo - (UK: BBC 82 50-minute episodes; "Juliet Bravo" was not a character, but a police radio call-sign.Its a great project to practice curves because its gradual and consistent.He hung out orleans casino las vegas hotel rooms at the Blue Note Cafe, listening to jazz, and recounting his adventures to the barkeep, Ethelbert.Any time we dress up in costumes (which is ANY time there is a reason) we are trying to figure out where no deposit bonus codes video poker to keep a phone, chapstick, or keys. .(UK: ITV/ATV 52 60-minute episodes;.S.American sponsors were afraid to back this show, but General Motors happily promoted it in Canada, where the subliminal message was "cars are safer than airplanes!Highway Patrol _ Sep 1955-?"Tenspeed" Turner, he solves cases free of charge, sweet-talking local police to get them out of the way, jurisdictionally speaking.Producers: Lindsay Wagner, Richard Michaels; Music: John Cacavas; Starring: lindsay wagner ( The Bionic Woman ).

Running 9 episodes on CBS as one of the very first Mystery/Detective television series, it drew better ratings 3 years later when syndicated.
(UK: ITV Yorkshire TV starring Tim Conway as Ace Crawford more cast: to be done Waterfront Beat - (UK: ITV - (season 2, UK: ITV - (US: wgbh Boston "Mystery - (season 2, US: wgbh Boston "Mystery starring Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes more cast.
The most laid-back police station in Great Britain, where squad cars were hired out for car races, funerals, weddings, and driving lessons.
Polish-American Thomas Banacek is a freelancer for insurance companies; he tracks down stolen goods.Police Story second series to be done Police Surgeon UK - (UK: ITV 12 30-minute episodes; black and white; Novice police surgeon.BTW do you do any online shopping!?The New Breed - (ABC - (UK: ITV/Anglia 36 60-minute episodes; black and white;.A.P.D.'s elite Metropolitan Squad used advanced electronic gizmos; and sometimes was inadvertantly as funny as Leslie Nielsen's later Police Squad cop-show parodies.Some of you are probably wondering if a bag like this is hard to sew, especially if youve only sewn projects with straight seams.O'Neill; Tech Adviser: Jim Steinmeyer (asst.