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The character not chosen by the player appears in-game as a rival.
Development edit See also: List of generation VI Pokémon Design and development Development of Pokémon X and Y began in 2010.It has been stated previously that Pokémon friendship would have a bigger role.A b Sarachik, Justin (October 12, 2013).The gym types are Bug, Rock, Fighting, Grass, Electric, Fairy, Psychic and Ice type.The former are mid-air trainer battles that only flying Pokémon can participate in; these were added to show off the game's 3D-capabilities and provide a new perspective of battling.A b Fahey, Mike (August 9, 2013).Vine Whip for Chespin, casino spiele gratis juego Ember for Fennekin, Water Gun for Froakie).

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Although working primarily as the director for X and Y, Masuda composed the games' battle themes.
"Meet Xerneas and Yveltal, two new legendary Pokémon".
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McElroy, Griffin (June 11, 2013).59 Parkin criticized it as "thin and melodramatic" and "sometimes jarringly preachy".Retrieved October 3, 2013.Archived from the original on October 29, 2013.Battles will be a bit darker at night.Funk, John (September 8, 2010)."The Man Who Creates Pokémon For a Living".

7 A new element in the series is Mega Evolution, in which fully evolved Pokémon, such as Mewtwo and Lucario, can use special items called "Mega Stones" to temporarily evolve further into Mega Evolved forms (final forms for one evolution families and true/second final forms.
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