rayman origins bonus level

Homage in the sense of a 1990's remake complete with giant vertical shaft with elevator globes.
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7 Players travel through lotto lothar geschichte each level, fighting enemies and rescuing imprisoned Electoons.
The An Ares's strongest attack in Third Super Robot Wars Z : Tengoku-hen involves summoning a gigantic machine with plenty of gears and whipping his hapless foe into."Rayman Legends coming to PS Vita in North America Sept.Bharat Petroleum in Mumbai, the inspiration for the Mothership in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.In Timothy Zahn 's Spinneret humans stumble, by sheer chance, on a huge alien machine hidden inside a mountain, which has been dormant but active for millennia.World 6-F1 (RGB Factory) in Super Mario Fusion Revival : This fortress level takes place in a high-tech factory with three distinct areas: a red area (lava and fire a green area (overrun with plant life and a blue area (a swimming area).In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, there is a train station that seems to be abandoned and has elements of this.The heroes, being woke up, attempt to fight back, but are defeated and captured.Film Perhaps the Ur-Example is the one below the city in Metropolis.Retrieved March 7, 2013.

There's also Final Fantasy VI 's Magitek Research Facility in Vector.
Telos, and to a lesser extent Effluvia (combined with Down in the Dumps and Lethal Lava Land ) and Utopia, in The Adventures Of Rad Gravity.
9 Completing all of the teeth grants access to the bonus level, The Land of the Livid Dead.40 A leaked teaser video on confirmed the existence of the sequel, entitled Rayman Legends.The atmosphere is tainted green, and the only exposed land is brown, lifeless rock.With Circus of Fear elements.Sector 6 of Jumper Two takes place in The Boss ' factory of OgmoBots.In A Boy and His Blob, the first 4 levels of the fourth world are this.