titan quest equipment slots

Updated display when /played message is delayed.
Lt p gt; lt;li gt;Fixed German Localization for changes in previous revisions.
lt;li gt; lt;span : Rewritten for efficiency purposes.Lt p gt; lt;li gt;TitanRider: Added 'Mount Speed' option which is the new text for 'Mithril Spurs'.(Issue #1011) TitanVolume: Cleaned up internal content.Fix the logic within orderhall slash command.lt;li gt; lt;span : Updated to display amp 34;Spell Power amp 34 amp 34;Armor Penetration Rating amp 34; and new metagem special bonuses.Update TOC for WoW.0.This is essentially a performance fix release.Lt li gt; lt ul gt; lt;p within 300 lt p gt; lt;ul class"changeslistbox" gt; lt;li gt; lt;span Improved update efficiency.Lt p gt; Added Random roll functionality on left-click.Cleaned up the layout for the libraries removing duplicates and standardizing on a single location without nested folders.Updated Ace3 and LibSharedMedia libraries.

Corrected embed load for LibQTip library.
Deprecated data was removed.
Added Spanish (ES) localization update.
lt ul gt; lt;p within 00 lt p gt; lt;ul class"changeslistbox" gt; lt;li gt;Added Titan Panel Change Log and Titan Panel Setup files.
lt;li gt;Removed the amp 34;Move Casting Bar amp 34; option and relevant code.lt;li gt;Fixed a tainting issue with TitanMovable attempting to move a frame, while in combat.Changed toc to 001 for WoW.0.4 release.TitanClock: Fixed a boolean logic change within Blizzard API and also cleaned up internal content.lt;li gt; lt;span : Dis-embedded the relevant code from the core.TitanLootType: Completed updates gewinnchancen bei spielautomaten erhöhen for new raid and dungeon types.Configuration initialization moved to addon_loaded instead of variables_loaded.Switching sides using drag drop is still not allowed.Both statistics are always available, on the tooltip.Applied a scaling to the WorldMapFrame so the controls are visible again.lt;li gt; lt;span Module added: ldbtoTitan that adds support for Data Broker plugins on the bar, with a more generic design.Minor update to Ace3 AceGUI library.Moreover, load on demand addons shouldn't cause the same error now, under similar circumstances.